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[/column] [column size=”2-3″ last=”1″ style=”0″] One of the most powerful trends in business today is personal mentoring.

Premier Mentoring is the leader in this blossoming industry. We provide the very best mentoring services, excellent employee training, highly effective marketing programs, and the best overall results.

Our mentors not only teach our students important information, but also guide them every step of the way to help them achieve their very best.

At Premier Mentoring, our personal mentors believe in the potential of their students and guide them through the obstacles and pitfalls on the road to wealth. We help our students discover the most effective ways to run a business, pursue goals, and take control of their lives.

We specialize in creating, marketing, and implementing mentoring programs primarily in three specific areas; Real Estate, Stock Market, and general Wealth Building environments.

Mentoring is so valuable that nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies use coaches or mentors to help their top level executives achieve their very best. Even top CEOs such as Meg Whitman of eBay and Henry McKinnell of Pfizer use coaches to maximize their success.

Studies show that end results will be 400% greater with mentoring versus traditional training. That’s why mentoring is so valuable to individuals as well as top companies. It gets results.

Premier Mentoring is the industry leader in helping people create the life they want and deserve through superior mentoring. Our mentoring programs help transform ordinary people into extraordinary achievers.
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Who are our coaches?

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Greg McCluskey, Director of Coaching

Greg has been investing in real estate since he bought his first real estate course in 1995. Greg immediately purchased a condo and moved him and his wife into their first home while they were both still attending college. Greg was raised just outside Boston, MA in a beach community called Humarock. His family home was 900 sq. ft. and Greg was raised with his 8 siblings in humble circumstances. His family had everything they needed and his father taught him from a young age to own a business.

At 18 Greg drove to Rexburg, ID to attend Ricks College, really he just skied most days at Grand Targhee. Greg then moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah and became a ski instructor at Deer Valley Ski Resort. Greg was no star. He graduated high school with a 2.0 GPA and College with a 2.8 GPA. He is proud of that because it proves you do not have to be a rocket scientist to succeed in real estate. Greg worked for Franklin Covey for 3 years straight out of college in sales he then began to seriously focus on real estate.

With no money and no experience Greg purchased three properties in 30 days profiting $88,000, $76,000, and $74,000. He and his partner quit their jobs and launched a real estate investment business. Over the next ten years Greg would own a construction company, mortgage brokerage, real estate consulting company, Development Company, and invest in numerous real estate properties and construction projects. In 2005 Greg flipped 104 homes in the Salt Lake area. He expanded his businesses to Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and Massachusetts. His business was involved in over $150 million of real estate. He was able to spend many hours with his family due to the profitability of these businesses.

In 2008 Greg was hit as hard as anybody by the recession and lost everything except that which mattered most his family. He sold the million dollar home, BMW, Denali and bought a 1997 Plymouth Voyager and started over. Greg started his new business with his current partner and began to solve the problem of providing low income families homeownership opportunities throughout the mid-west. Greg has now added Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Pennsylvania to his list of states he has transacted real estate in. Greg has a goal of taking properties owned by Wall Street back to the people who actually live in the communities. Greg works closely with non-profit companies to create jobs and home ownership. His company is centrally located in Columbus, OH. He has a great love for the Heart of America. Greg believes the solutions to our problems lie in the everyday hard working Americans not the people in ivory towers trading on the backs of American families who do the work. Greg wants to coach you on how to make a difference in your own life by making a difference investing in other people’s lives through real estate. Greg’s motto is; doing great, while doing good.

Greg lives in Mapleton, UT with his wife and 5 children (4girls). Greg coaches two elite soccer teams. He loves coaching, teaching, and building people up whether it is in business, life, real estate, or soccer. His greatest joy is watching his kids enjoy life and succeed in their own endeavors. Travel, skiing, sailing, and soccer, is how he enjoys his fun time.

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Tim Bell

Tim has spent most of his professional life coaching training, and managing others based on his own real life experiences. Through his years of experience Tim has gained the knowledge and expertise to be extremely effective in business. Tim is an effective communicator of concepts and ideas that have real world practicality. He is able to use these skills to bring out the best in others especially his clients. Tim has a knack for making instructional material clear, interesting, and enjoyable. He is able to do this through real life examples, personal anecdotes, and the powerful enthusiasm he brings to each and every subject that he coaches.

Before Tim began his coaching career he was a gas station attendant, apprentice mechanic, real estate investor, manufacturer’s rep., managed an aviation fixed-base operation, salesman, assistant scuba dive instructor, real estate agent, real estate brokerage manager, sales manager, real estate agent trainer, BMW salesman, stock and options trader, gate agent, baggage handler, apprentice co-pilot, and for the last 7 years a real estate coach. Tim understands where you are at in life and where you want to go and can help you get there based on his broad work experience.

He actively invests in real estate and did his first transaction at the age of 20. He took time to find his niche in life when it came to colleges as well. He attended the Air Force Academy, Westminster College, California State University at Fullerton, Arizona State University, and finally finished up at the University of Utah. He graduated with a degree in Geography, with an emphasis on cartography and aerial photography interpretation.
Tim holds the record for the most fuel pumped into one aircraft at Salt Lake International Airport. He loaded 53,525 gallons of fuel onto a World Airways Boeing 747 flying non-stop from SLC to Paris, France. He has won agent of the month 17 times at two different real estate brokerages. He has won coach of the year 4 times while working with real estate investors. He is a licensed real estate agent pre-licensing instructor. Tim also is a member of the International Coach Federation, the International Association of Coaching, and the National Real Estate Educators Association.

Tim has flown over 17 different aircrafts including helicopters some as co-pilot and some as pilot. Tim is an experienced hiker and backpacker, a certified Scuba diver (1976), and private pilot (1984). He loves cars and played college football at the Air Force Academy along with playing a lot of baseball. Tim is an avid skier and loves Snowbird, UT. Tim has been a supporting actor in the cast of several plays at the Promised Valley Playhouse and appeared in two feature commercial roles, one for Jerry Seiner Chevrolet (SLC) and the other for Luna Corp (Phoenix, AZ).

Tim has done many community service projects and served his church in the lay ministry. His greatest non-professional achievement is his family. Tim has an incredible wife three sons and three daughters that all love each other very much. He is proud of the success his children have found in their own lives. He has 7 grandchildren who he considers to be beautiful and special to him in their own individual ways. Tim resides in Draper, UT after living in Southern California, Huntington Beach, CA, and Tempe AZ. Tim is the most interesting man in the world!!!

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Don Chandler

Don has extensive experience in the financial services industry. Don’s experience and focus is in futures trading. When Don lived in Dallas, TX he worked for Fidelity Investments before moving into the investor education field. As a professional educator Don has received national recognition for his ability to work closely with students in achieving their goals and understanding the trade markets. This ability to help people understand trade markets has allowed Don to help many people be successful in the trade markets.

Don started his career with a degree in education and taught school in New Mexico and Texas before going into the financial industry. Don was able to marry the two together and make more money while doing what he loves educating people. Don has held his series 7 and 63 licenses. Don believes a systematic approach to teaching people is the key to success and he will help anybody create a successful personal trading system.

Don was born and raised in Northern New Mexico and now resides in Syracuse, UT. Don is an excellent musician and has played trumpet in the Santa Fe Opera, Orchestra of Santa Fe, American West Symphony, Salt Lake Symphony, and Utah Symphony. Don has three grown children and six grandchildren. He loves antique and classic cars along with writing and music.

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John Free

John began his business career in 1999 working with a new start-up company called Geo Discovery. This company was beta testing advance GPS devices and was a family owned business. Being raised by a business owner and Professor of Engineering at BYU put John on a path to owning his own business. John has always worked with helping other people. In every business he is involved with John gravitates to working with and teaching the clients of that business.

John found his calling in life when he was able to use all of his business and real estate experience to coach other real estate investors and business owners. John is finishing his degree in business marketing at Western Governors University to round out his business resume and show his students the importance of maximizing your personal education. John believes the best teacher is experience; getting your own and through the eyes of another. John’s education started with mobile homes, seller-financing, options, tax lien purchases, and commercial properties. He learned in the school of hard knocks and getting his own experience. John is a master when it comes to tax lien opportunities and purchases.

Before John started down his path of investing in real estate and coaching others he did many different jobs and businesses looking for his niche including; food delivery, running a commercial kitchen, sales in person and on the phone, manufacturing, warehousing, tech support, customer support, business development, energy savings consultant, and business wireless consultant.

John has been steadily coaching people in the real estate industry for the past seven years and has coached 1,000’s of people on their real estate businesses. John focused his attention on Default Tax Properties knowing that anybody could begin their real estate career due to the low entry price and overabundance of Tax Default Properties. He is an expert on helping those on a shoestring budget launch their real estate business.

He is the youngest of 8 children and has 40 nieces and nephews. John and his wife reside in Pleasant Grove, UT with their two wonderful children and their favorite dog Jaguar. John spends his spare time hiking, camping and developing his love of cooking.

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Jeff Kohler

Jeff started his trading career at the age of 19 in the brokerage industry as a licensed broker at the trading desk of Morgan Stanley DW Inc. He spent his early career executing equity trades and complex option trades for customers, while spending his available time learning the inner workings of the financial markets. 13 years later, he has enjoyed a successful trading career in the equity, equity options, and futures markets.

As an active options trader, he earned the nickname “Option Addict” from an options trading website he authored several years ago, in which he taught his trading principles and ideas to a wide audience. His website earned the title “Best Business Blog” in 2007, generating over a million visitors per month. Since then he has created several trading oriented websites focusing on stock and options trading techniques, has sold out at several investor conference presentations around the country, and gives instructional webinars and live trades through his advisory service.

While trading has been one of Jeff’s many passions, teaching has also been something he’s passionate about. Jeff has developed highly visible content for various online brokers and investor education websites. Jeff has developed a successful approach to making money in the markets, and loves to share his approach with anyone that will listen. In 2006, Jeff created a daily podcast titled “Marketcast,” which in its prime, generated several hundred thousand downloads on a weekly basis. Over the past decade Jeff has contributed content to various different outlets, including, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Investopedia, as well as other high profile websites. He authored a column in Equities Magazine titled “Kohler’s World” and still contributes articles and content in his spare time.

Having started at a young age, Jeff’s ability to generate returns has helped lift him to a prominent reputation in the trading world. While he continues to enjoy the successes and learn from his failures, Jeff has learned over the years that a disciplined approach and proper risk management principles are the keys to success.

Jeff was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. Shortly after High School Jeff moved to Utah in order to pursue his degree and play division 1 college basketball. Jeff opted to hang-up his high tops to focus on a career in finance, rather than pursue playing basketball overseas. He considers his family to be his greatest achievement. His wife and children reside in Saratoga Springs, UT. Jeff spends his spare time playing basketball, exercising, and investing time with his wife and children. Trading is stressful and Jeff finds the time exercising keeps him healthy and the time he invests with his children reminds him why he loves trading so much. Helping others reach their financial goals and watching them obtain the kind of freedom he has is priceless.

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Jason Krambule

Jason began trading fourteen years ago. He has invested time in learning to trade: stocks, options, futures, and Forex as both a day trader and a swing trader. Jason has developed trading curriculum to help up and coming traders.

Jason has not always been a trader he grew up in a farming community in Northern Utah close to the Idaho border. Jason then worked factory and production jobs in quality control while attending school, thus giving him time to refine his trading skills. Jason enjoys the study of economics especially the impacts of globalization. By keeping current on world events and the economic situation across the world Jason has become a better trader.

He is now focused on learning how to program in hopes of automating his trade strategies. This will allow him to have more time and help others. Jason has invested numerous hours in the study of different techniques to help traders overcome psychological barriers.

Jason lives with his wife in Logan, UT and they have 2 boys and 1 girl. His favorite past-time is spending time with his family. He enjoys watching and playing sports especially basketball. Jason is an avid reader, some of his favorites are; Ivanhoe, Les Miserable’s, Enders Game, and Cudgel’s Saga. He also invests time in gardening and Crossfit. Jason lived in the Philippines for an extended time giving service and developing a massive respect for the people of the Philippines and their culture. He learned to speak Tagalog fluently.

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Mike Krambule

Mike was a certified apple tech for 17 years. Mike worked with the same company during this time becoming an expert on Apple computers. During this time Mike was handed a book by a colleague on trading the market and trading options.

Mike knew nothing about the market and didn’t even know what an option was. Mike thought it was great, but lacked the money to get started. He pulled together $400 and opened his first account with a local broker. It cost $60-$100 to get in and out of trades back then. This made it extremely difficult for Mike to make money. As the months past Mike made and lost money and had to refund his account a couple of times. Mike didn’t have a coach or an expert to guide him and learned as he went from real experience.

Mike focused his strategies and began to trade full-time after the company he worked for closed their doors. Mike simplified his trading and was then able to pay his bills through his trading. Mike then began to teach what he knew, truly, worked in the markets. Once Mike became a coach his trading got even better. Through his ability to actively trade the stock and Forex markets daily and coaching others to succeed Mike has developed into an expert who can help others to successful y create their own trading strategies. Mike believes as a friend told him years ago. “Trading is easy, People make it hard.”

Mike grew up in Northern Utah on his grandfather’s farm/ranch. He has a great love for the outdoors especially hunting and fly-fishing. Mike attended Utah State University and is an avid golfer in the summer and plays racquetball in the winter. He is married and a father of 7 children, 3 sons and 4 daughters.

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Kristiin Sabey

Kristiin has extensive experience in real estate investing and mentoring. She began real estate investing in 1997; she and her husband were looking for a home for their young family, and wanted to do it with little or no money down. They negotiated a lease option on their home, and in the same year picked up 9 rental units start their real estate portfolio. She found out quickly that being a landlord was not for the faint of heart, and found rehabbing properties to be a very fun challenge, so she incorporated flipping in to the business.

From there she continued to branch out, adding different types of deals into her business; so now she not only has a depth, but also a breadth in the variety of her experience, which includes: Lease Options, Flips, Property Management, Pre-Foreclosures, REO’s, Commercial, Land Development, and Short Sales, and Seller Finance.

Kristiin became a licensed real estate agent in the state of Utah in 2005, and thoroughly enjoys using her license not only in her investing activities, but also to help people find the right house to fit their lifestyle and family needs. Even though she loves all areas of real estate, she still believes it is of the utmost importance to have long term, cash-flowing assets for a solid foundation in any real estate portfolio.

Combining her love for real estate with the fulfillment of teaching others, she began coaching people how to invest in real estate. She started mentoring personal clients in 2003, so that she could not only teach people via phone and computer, but also take partners on in projects to actually show them, side by side, how to purchase real estate. She found this to be so rewarding and effective, that she continues to teach people this way. She is a natural educator who possesses great patience for questions and can easily break down information for the beginning and intermediate investors.

Kristiin has a great passion to help others, so you will find her doing volunteer work in many arenas, including Habitat for Humanity, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, schools, and churches. A little know fact about Kristiin is that she is the 5th child in a family of 12 children; growing up in a family that size taught her lessons of hard work and gratitude. Her family is her top joy, and she is the mother of four amazing children. Kristiin lives in Chandler, AZ.