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[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”0″] Chairman of CEO Space and inventor of a new classroom technology for public schools called Super Teaching. And Licensee partner with the University of Alabama Huntsville in developing the world’s first and leading Entrepreneur Degree program for higher education worldwide.

Berny Dohrmann is entering a third decade of offering education and training systems to private industry and government.

Mr. Dohrmann is a world change agent, advising CEOs of the largest industries, as well as heads of state. Mr. Dohrmann is known as the coach of the coaches, advising celebrity thought leaders with past relationships that include Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols stars of THE SECRET, John Gray of MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS fame, Jill Lublin bestselling author of NETWORKING MAGIC and many other celebrities and adviser coaches.

Prior to forming CEO Space Mr. Dohrmann operated for many years as Chairman of publically traded investment-banking firms conducting billions of dollars of business in over fourteen countries. His financial-forecasting newsletters provide GPS direction to apply when making
forward fiscal plans for a growing list of the world elite.

Mr. Dohrmann makes his home in Florida with his wife September and their young children Daniel and Preston, complementing Mr. Dohrmann’s adult children; Tony, Jennifer, Jason, Lora, Ryan, Justin and Dylan. One of nine himself; he remains puzzled how he “became his father” with the same nine in his family that he himself was raised in, Berny states, “I love my career as Dad more than any other.” Berny’s father, Alan Dohrmann, was a leader in corporate training coaching such figures as Napoleon Hill, Bucky Fuller, Walt Disney, Earl Nightingale, President Jack Kennedy, and many others creating the world stage Berny Dohrmann grew up within.

Mr. Dohrmann is expanding his family legacy with the 2009 release of the CEO Space Sovereign Nation Program for rapid Entrepreneurial Development helping nations to prosper during the developing recession.