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Get In, Get Out, Get Paid!

With pure military precision, Investor Todd Dotson shows you the fast, reliable, and bankable process of wholesale real estate investing for HUGE money. No more sitting around for years and praying for an up-swing in the market; this is real money, real fast…and the checks don’t lie.

Taken from his incredibly successful strategies for moving in and out of deals for the highest return with the lowest risk, Todd Dotson gives you something you can’t get anywhere else, proven results that can be replicated over and over again. This “tactical” approach to real estate has earned him millions of dollars in markets around the country, and his students are flooding his office with copies of checks ranging from $5,000 to $120,000 per deal…and that’s just the beginning.

This FAST TRACK program breaks down the GET IN, GET OUT, GET PAID! system so that anyone can do it, anywhere in the country with no money out of pocket. You read that right, NO MONEY out of pocket. This is not some smoke and mirrors program, it’s the real deal; and Todd has the checks to prove it. In the INSIDER’S GUIDE, you have all the tools you need to get a deal done FAST! It’s all in here, step-by-step instructions for making the deals, moving the property, and cashing the checks.

Todd is giving you this information on one condition, that you send him a copy of the check from your first deal so you can learn for yourself, THE CHECKS DON’T LIE!